7DSystem Features

7DSystem has been constant development since 2014 taking inspiration from numerous popular, and some less well known, tabletop roleplaying game systems, board games and computer games. The game is not revolutionary in its approach, but rather evolutionary - building upon the experience of playing other games. There is no attempt to be unique or gimmicky for the sake of it. Rather the approach is evolving the current systems available into a useful generic system that is pick-up-and-play, but does not sacrifice too much of the "realism" that some may wish to include in their games.

One important approach to the mechanics has been to solve problems experienced in playing established games or well known styles of gaming and types of players. An attempt to incorporate more players and play styles into a game and reduce the work load involved in actually running a game is a cornerstone of the game's development.

7DSystem bridges the gap between storytelling games and minatures games. Allowing players and groups to play in the style they are comfortable with, without having to change rule systems.

Game Style Features

  • Designed to be pick-up-and-play where only 1 person really needs to know the basics of the rules for the game to be entertaining
  • Play in any genre or setting without changing any of the rules
  • Story structure system designed to aid adventuring in any genre or game system
  • Scene & transition game flow structure that is compatible with most games
  • Heavily reduced work load on the director (game master/GM) as players progress quickly and the mechanics push more work onto the players
  • A modular approach to rules so that you can customise how you play
  • Designed to be new player friendly. Most players will understand the basics within a few rolls of the dice
  • Everyone gets a turn
  • A storytelling game that can also be played as a miniatures skirmish game without changing the rules

Basic System Mechanics

  • A truly unique dice mechanic designed for ease of use, game balance and realistic character progression
  • Use of the standard array of polyhedral dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 with the addition of d2
  • A simple difficulty system that maintains the sense of difficulty and balance throughout
  • There is always a chance of success and there is always a chance for failure
  • Increasing player agency through the Story Value mechanic

Character Creation and Progression

  • Simple, 15 minute character creation
  • Starting occupations and equipment kits affect future progression
  • Characters with large variations in experience can be in the same party with each other.
  • Skill and proficiency progression through successful use of skills
  • A rewarding experience system to develop characters the way the player wants
  • No arbitrary levels or generic experience
  • Skill improvements through training manuals and teaching mechanics - make those libraries great again!
  • No classes - every character can use any part of the rule system
  • Any character can achieve any skill and use any weapon

Encounters and Monsters

  • Any character can defeat any monster, but requires player cunning and strategy for the difficult ones.
  • No encounter rebalancing or difficulty modifications required
  • Unique health system which removes the need for rebalancing combats and encounters
  • Simple monster damage tracking with a d6

Key Non-Combat Mechanic Features

  • A simple, abstract measuring system to aid in both theatre-of-the-mind and miniature based play styles
  • Five distinct interoperable magic styles, plus mechanics for psionics and divine intervention
  • Simple poison, disease and intoxication mechanics which add flavor to any setting without complexity
  • Social encounter system that is useful in other games as well
  • A structured approach to exploration and travel
  • Healing and rest mechanics that incorporate food, water and comfort
  • A variety of healing mechanics that work in any genre
  • A roll based approach to consumables rather than numeric tracking
  • No need to track individual coins and other forms of wealth - unless you want to
  • Almost no subtraction at all

Combat Mechanic Features

  • Combat system based upon situational advantages, allowing for enhanced strategy and improved scene memorability
  • Combat feels dangerous, exciting and the tide of battle can change in a turn
  • Combination attacks so you can design your character's own fighting style
  • "Armour is a saving throw" to negate damage
  • Simple and easy to understand damage system
  • Choose when you "Crit" and when you "Botch" system that adds tension, excitement and player agency
  • Temporary disabilities and permanent limb loss
  • Incorporates character and monster emotion as a key function of morale and turn mechanics