7DSystem: Fantasy and Medieval Weapons

In 7Dsystem every weapon should feel different to every other weapon. Weapons have specific uses in specific situations that make them better than others at the same task.

Almost all weapons do 1 injury as standard damage. There are a few that do no damage and are effect weapons. Certain weapons do multiples of damage (double, triple, etc). The amount of injuries is also affected by the size of the attacker vs the size of the opponent.

ELWeaponTypeEffectNotes/RestrictionsCarry ValueAmmo ValueAmmunition
N/AunarmedBludgeoning(Special)armed opponent gets advantage0
0blowgunPiercing, RangedNo DamagePoison delivery, ranged only25Darts
0daggerSlashing, Piercing, RangedPinCan choose attack type (ranged is piercing)1
0greatclubBludgeoningCrush, Sweep8
0javelinPiercing, RangedRanged +2 Adv., Reach, Pin5
0lasso (rope)Ranged, ReloadNo Damage, Reach, Trip, Disarm, Ensnare, Subdue, DismountReach is close range, reloading involves reforming the lasso loop30Loosen loop
0quarterstaffBludgeoningReach, Trip, Sweep6
0ropeRanged, Two-handedNo Damage, Reach, Trip, EnsnareReach is close range3
0short spearPiercing+1 Adv when Two-handed, Pin5
0shurikenPiercing, RangedPinPoison delivery23shuriken stars
0slingBludgeoning, RangedStun (ranged only)ranged only17Bullets
0whipBludgeoningDisarm, Trip, Ensnare2
1bolaRangedTrip, Ensnare, Disarmno damage2
1chainBludgeoning, Ranged, Two-handedReach, Trip, Ensnare, StunReach is close range5
1garotteSlashingEnsnare (rear attack only)1 Injury per turn ensnared (stacks)1
1handaxeSlashing, RangedPin4
1longspearPiercing, Ranged, Two-handedReach, Double damage (when ranged), PinSingle handed ranged7
1pickPiercingTrip, Disarm, Pin6
1scourgeSlashingDouble damage, No damage vs ArmourOnly works against un-armoured opponents3
1sickleSlashing+1 Adv. Rear attack (unseen)2
1spearPiercing, RangedDouble damage (when ranged), Pin6
1waraxeSlashing, RangedCleave (Ranged only)Only opponents in a line4
1war malletBludgeoningCrush, Sweepcomplete action attacks only. Double damage on crush attacks10
2battle axeSlashingCleave7
2flailBudgeoningReach +1 Adv., Disarm5
2glaiveSlashingTrip, Reach, Defense8
2halberdPiercing, SlashingReach +1 Adv.(piercing), Disarm, Dismount, Sweep, Cleaveslashing in close range8
2kukriSlashing, RangedCleaveNo cleave when ranged3
2lancePiercingReach, Double damage, Triple damage (when charging)Mounted use only12
2morning starBludgeoning & PiercingStun6
2scythePiercing, SlashingReach, Trip, CleaveCan choose attack type9
2short swordSlashing4
2spiked gauntletPiercingDisarm (against Disarm)3
3bastard swordSlashing, Two-handed+1 Adv. or Single-handed with shield+1 Only for two handed use5
3broadswordSlashingPrevents Disarm6
3crossbowPiercing, Ranged, Reload, Two-handed+2 Adv. Close Range. Double damage vs Plate. PinReload 1 action, ranged only106Bolts
3katarSlashing, PiercingPrevents DisarmCan choose attack type3
3longswordSlashing, Two-handedReach7
3maulBludgeoning, PiercingStun (Bludgeoning only)Can choose attack type7
3pikePiercingReach, Defence, DismountTriple character reach11
3rapierPiercingSwashbuckle attack +1 Adv. Pin4
3scimitarSlashing+1 Adv. When mounted5
3Short bowPiercing, Ranged, Two-handedPinranged only45Arrows
3spike chainPiercingTrip, Disarm4
3Throwing daggerPiercing, RangedPin32Daggers
3throwing hammerBludgeoning, RangedStun (ranged only)42Hammers
3tridentPiercingReach, Disarm8
4falchionSlashingCleaveOnly 1 additional cleave attack5
4greatswordSlashing, Two-handed+1 Adv. when two-handed7
4hand crossbowPiercing, Ranged, Reload+1 Adv. within close range, PinReload 1 action, ranged only74Bolts
4longbowPiercing, Ranged, Two-handed+ 1 Adv. within long rangeranged only65Arrows
5repeating crossbowPiercing, Ranged, Two-handed+1 Adv. within close range while two handed, Pinranged only, reload 1 complete action143Bolts