7DSystem: Fantasy and Medieval Armour and Protection

ELArmour TypesPVEffect
5Mail+2+1 PV vs Piercing & Slashing
1Padding / Thick Cloth+1+1 PV vs Bludgeoning
3Scale+2+1 PV vs Slashing
6Plate+2+1 PV vs Bludgeoning & Slashing
2Leather / Thick Fur+1+1 PV vs Slashing
2Helmet+0Prevents Stun
2Gauntlet+0Prevents Disarm
2Shoulder Pads/Guards+0Sacrifice - Prevents arm disability or loss
2Greaves+0Sacrifice - Prevents leg disability or loss
2Coif+0Sacrifice - Prevents loss of head
2Metal+0+1 PV vs Bludgeoning, Sacrifice
Small+1+1 PV vs Reach
Large+1+1 PV vs Reach, Cleave & Crush
Tower+2+1 PV vs Ranged, Cleave, Reach & Crush, Counts as cover
Spiked+0Disarm (against Successful attack)
Strapped+0Use with two-handed Ranged Weapons