7DSystem - Play one game any way you like!

7DSystem is a tabletop role-playing game system unlike most other gaming rules available today, but still using dice to perform character tasks. It is a dynamic and designed for versatility and customisation.

7DSystem's core focus is on actual balance throughout the game system and its unique dice mechanic has evolved to maintain that balance. Allowing characters with large variations in skill to be in the same group and fight the same foes.

The rules are not genre specific and do not require modification when changing settings or genre. Play one game any way you like!

There is no need to constantly increase the power of monsters, spells, weapons and other aspects of the game as characters increase in ability and power. Dangerous creatures are always dangerous and difficult situations remain difficult. Characters do progress in skill and ability making it more likely they can tackle dangerous tasks, but the feeling of danger remains regardless of how powerful a character becomes.

The primary mechanics are very simple and require very little coaching for new players or experienced role-players to learn. Most new players should be able to start playing immediately and master the basics within a few rolls of the dice. At least one person (usually the game director - GM) will need to have a basic understanding of the rules to play. The intuitive rules become apparent while playing the game as there is a very shallow learning curve. For new players understanding the system parrallels their own character's development, while more experienced players can master the mechanics to fine tune their progression however they wish.

There has been an attempt to eliminate the mathematics involved in playing tabletop roleplaying games, other than basic addition. On some rare occasions some subtraction and very rarely some multiplication. This was done to keep the core system very simple for new players (and even younger players). This does not mean the game is simplistic, just that the mechanic has been streamlined to be easy to use and learn.

The rules also shy away from having to micro-manage information like money, spells, ammunition, etc. This streamlines aspects of role-playing which generally become tedious, but retains the essence of what these things are for and why they exist.

7DSystems narrative engine provides a way of approaching session design which forefronts the story telling nature of role-playing games. The game plays through 3 act narrative threads using scenes and transitions to move the game along. Into this is incorporated a system of determining which character's player gets to go in which order which changes as the game progresses.

7DSystem can be used as a skirmish game designed for use with miniatures, tokens or white-erase boards. The game works just as well when doing "theatre of the mind" scenarios.

Combat focus is on the fact that different combat situations constantly change the difficulty involved in nullifying an enemy, depending on the situation the combatants find themselves in. The experience and knowledge of the characters improve their combat ability, but a dangerous situation is still dangerous. Combat tends to change dramatically as you fight as the balance of power shifts on every turn. Emphasis is placed on strategy and tactics in combat, rather than just weapon skill. Due to the nature of the system, players quickly adjust to the new style of combat from traditional role-playing.